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The moment has finally arrived!! The DLD Hardware PF940C jigs are finally here. This jigs are of an improved design that now clamp together with provided hardware to ensure a better building experience. NO MORE DUCT TAPE OR TABLE VICE!!! These Jigs come with high quality ,high speed drill bits. Just like p80 Jigs, these jigs are not recommend to be reused, Be sure to check out our pf940C drill guides! They help dill holes straight and make your jig reusable.



  • Left Injection Molded Clamshell
  • Right Injection Molded Clamshell
  • M3 Drill Bit
  • M4 Drill Bit
  • 4X BOLTS 
  • 4x NUTS

It should be NOTED: If you are using this jig for the new P80 ATF compliant "bridge frame" you will need an additional "LBRS jig" to drill one single locking block pin jig. These are currently available at this link below

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