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DLD Hardware

"F THE ATF" Sticker

"F THE ATF" Sticker

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Know any one that's gotten "F'd over" by the ATF?? Well "F them" right back with this gorgeous vinyl sticker that reads "F THE ATF" loud and proud right on the front. 

You can flip a bird to the GayTF while knowing that your $2.00 went to supporting builders and the building community 😉

*Note* Any profits from these stickers will go directly to the family of Matt Hoover AKA CRS Firearms, or used on his commissary or phone privileges. 

Not familiar with his story? Check it out on YouTube.


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DLD Hardware is not responsible for your dna from minor scraped and punctureds ending up all over your projects!
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  1. Be Kind
  2. Live a life of Care, Compassion & Contribution
  3. Be highly skilled in Violence, Be Safe, Be Dangerous

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