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Here we have a gorgeous PWEDC patch. If you know, you know.......

PVC velcro backed PWEDC patch for your gear. Rock it on your plate carrier, your hat, your back pack, and tell the world that you are a master, committed to the art of concealing firearms in the most inconspicuous places.

Yes, this is a patch glorifying the rectal concealment of firearms (lube not included).

For those that haven't been able to come to this conclusion, PWEDC stands for Prison Wallet Every Day Carry. Although we don't recommend the concealment of firearms in your B-hole, you have to be able to embrace the joke. There are actually DOZENS of reported events of this occurring. So, the DLD community embraced the hilarity LOL you should too.

They also GLOW in the dark! #Glowies


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DLD Hardware is not responsible for your dna from minor scraped and punctureds ending up all over your projects!
Be careful using blades and sharp objects. If you need help, ask for help and professional assistance.


  1. Be Kind
  2. Live a life of Care, Compassion & Contribution
  3. Be highly skilled in Violence, Be Safe, Be Dangerous

**A hand that’s open to give, is open to receive. ** 🙏


  • Bring humor to the world
  • Don’t run with Scissors
  • Follow your favorite guy on YouTube and Instagram 😉


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